Tom DeLonge thinks Hillary Clinton email leak will help prove UFOs are real

Newly acquired emails by Wikileaks show conversations between the musician and Clinton's campaign manager

Former Blink-182 member Tom DeLonge thinks the latest leak of Hillary Clinton’s emails will help him prove that UFOs are real.

Earlier this month, messages leaked via Wikileaks showed DeLonge had been in conversation with Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta on the matter. The musician interviewed Podesta last year for a potential documentary.

Newly acquired emails published by WikiLeaks show DeLonge offering to introduce Podesta to two important individuals, with one email reading: “I think you will find them very interesting, as they were principal leadership relating to our sensitive topic. Both were in charge of most fragile divisions, as it relates to Classified Science and DOD topics. Other words, these are A-Level officials. Worth our time, and as well the investment to bring all the way out to you.”


It is not known whether Podesta responded to the emails but there’s evidence of an invitation for a meeting with DeLonge.

As Spin reports, the guitarist posted on Instagram to discuss how he felt about his conversations being leaked. “Wikileaks really messed some important stuff up,” he wrote on the post.

He continued: “What seems like ridiculous subject matter to most, is of massive importance to admirable National Security Leadership. It’s easy to poke fun about the topic from an armchair, but unless you’re invited to the meetings I have been a part of, then…no more laughing.

“Big things are coming. Project is still on, believe it or not, things just got bigger.”

DeLonge recently published a book via his “multimedia franchise” Sekret Machines called Chasing Shadows. It focuses on military and intelligence sources retelling classified stories about contact with aliens and the paranormal.


He also recently said that UFOs are a “national security issue”. He told Mic: “Dealing with something that’s a national security issue, and you’re being gifted with the opportunity to communicate something you’ve been passionate about your whole life — something that has the opportunity to change the world over time — being a small part of that is enormously important for my life path.”

“But I can’t do everything. I can’t tour nine months out of the year with enough time to do the enormity of what I’m setting out to do.”