Watch Tom Hanks perfectly recreate his ‘Big’ rap 28 years later

Hanks performs the 'Shimmy Shimmy Cocoa Pop' rap from the 1988 film

Tom Hanks has recreated the famous rap from his 1988 film Big, performing the skit with filmmaker Philip Wang of Wong Fu Productions.

Hanks starred as 12-year-old Josh Baskin, trapped in a 30-year-old man’s body. Set in New York City, Baskin soon begins working at MacMillen Toy Company. Hanks’ true identity is revealed after he performs the rap in the film.

A blurb on the YouTube video explains that Wesley Chan and Philip Wang went to Florence, Italy to meet their “boss” Ron Howard. Wang is later seen asking Hanks to perform the ‘Big’ rap with him, which you can watch below around 3:42. And you can watch the original below that.

The YouTube blurb continues, “seriously though, these two are living legends and it was an honor to meet them in person and encouraging to see how humble and kind they were. We really have not been this nervous in years.”

Tom Hanks surprised a pair of newlyweds in New York City back in September by unexpectedly joining their photo call in Central Park.

The couple, whose names have only been given as Elisabeth and Ryan, had just married in the city on September 24, and were taking a number of wedding photos in the Manhattan park when they were joined by their surprise guest.

As the Daily Telegraph reported, the couple were having their photos taken by New York City photographer Meg Miller when Hanks, who’d been jogging around the park at the time, came over to pass on his congratulations. The actor even offered to ordain their ceremony for them, jokingly saying: “You know, I am an ordained minister. If the guy cancels let me know.”

Hanks then asked the couple to take a picture with him, which he later posted onto his Instagram account. “Elizabeth and Ryan!,” he wrote. “Congrats and blessings!”