Tom Hardy confirms ‘explosive’ new series of ‘Taboo’

'There's a great destination for it'

Tom Hardy has confirmed that there will be a second series of ‘Taboo’ – and has described it as ‘explosive’.

Amid reports that Hardy reportedly ‘lost £2million’ making Taboo and that the BBC were yet to confirm whether or another another season of the hit show would be made, the actor and producer has now revealed that the next series is coming – and will pick up as James Delaney and the ragtag band of friends and criminals try to settle in America.

“In my mind, explosive stuff is going to happen, which will be great, should it happen,” producer Stephen Knight told Entertainment Weekly. “There’s a great destination for it, but I don’t know if we’re in a position to talk about the actual details of it.”


Hardy then added: “We’re onto the next stage. The key really is Colonnade. When he says, ‘We are Americans’, James is very ambiguous with how much information he’s going to give. In his mind, you will know when the time is right.”


Referring to his now infamous nude scene, Hardy added: “You’re lucky there was a loincloth because I didn’t want one. It’s not a period drama until someone gets naked and covers themselves in blood. At least you’re showing willing.”

Amid some complaints that there was too much ‘mumbling’ in the series, one fan made a super-cut of Tom Hardy grunting 73 times in Taboo in just 40 seconds.