Tom Hardy speaks about stepping into Mel Gibson’s shoes as new ‘Mad Max’

Actor reveals details of 'Fury Road'

Tom Hardy has revealed details of his upcoming movie Mad Max: The Fury, in which he takes the starring role.

Speaking to Collider while at a junket for his new film Inception, the Christopher Nolan thriller starring Leonardo diCaprio, Hardy revealed that the new Max would be “a hungry wolf” and “like when you put a cat in the bath…like a puma: very hungry and dangerous. This is a guy who’s not well, so it’s imperative that I create that reality.”

The original Mad Max, the cult 1979 film starring Mel Gibson, was an Australian dystopian thriller, and Hardy says the new film will be “a relaunch and revisit and entire restructuring, which isn’t to say it’s not picking up from the Mad Max you know already. It’s a nice retake on the character: depositing him in the same world but bringing him up to date by 30 years.”

The film has been in development hell for over 25 years, and was resurrected in 2009. The new film will star Hardy, Charlize Theron, Zoe Kravitz and Skins actor Nicholas Hoult.

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