‘The Room”s Tommy Wiseau is making a horror film called ‘Big Shark’

The director and star of the cult 2003 film is moving into 'Sharknado' territory

Tommy Wiseau has announced that he is entering into the horror movie genre with his next film, which will be called Big Shark.

The renowned director and star of 2003’s The Room, which became a cult film after earning the popular tag as “the best worst movie ever made”, looks set to return to action after his story was brought to life by James Franco in the 2017 film The Disaster Artist.

During a recent screening of The Room at the Prince Charles Theatre in London, Wiseau confirmed that his next project would be in the shark-horror genre and will be set in New Orleans, according to Film Futter. One punter managed to film the short teaser for Big Shark, which was played prior to the screening of The Room.


As with The Room, Wiseau will both star in the movie and direct. Greg Sestero, who also starred in The Room and wrote the memoir which inspired The Disaster Artist, will also play a major role in Big Shark. His character will team up with Wiseau’s and another firefighter (played by Isaiah LaBorde) as they attempt to stop the titular shark wreaking havoc in New Orleans.

While the above preview clip has already been filmed and edited, Wiseau also reportedly told the audience that he intends to shoot and premiere Big Shark in 2019.

Wiseau and Sestero reunited last year for the latter’s thriller Be(s)t Friends Vol. 1 and 2.