‘Top Boy’ clears up season 3 finale twist

You might not have noticed this one - spoilers below

The creators of Top Boy have cleared up the twist at the end of the show’s recent third season.

The show returned for the new series earlier this year after six years away.

The season three finale left many unanswered questions, and the show’s Twitter account has now published a thread explaining some of the loose ends. As they say in the first tweet, it contains spoilers.


The new video shows the final scene of the series, with little explainers as to the seemingly ambiguous finale.

The scene, shown in the video, concerns Lee and Sarah, who approach the main cast as two junkies trying to score drugs.

As many people missed when the episode aired, though, the final scene sees the local police looking at information regarding Dushane’s case. And, as it turns out, two of the officers in the room are in fact Lee and Sarah.

NME recently spoke to Little Simz and Micheal Ward about the return of the show, with the pair calling Top Boy “the only TV show that tells our story”.


Ward, who plays Jamie, said: “When Top Boy first came about it was the first of its kind. When it went away, there was still nothing like it. Now it’s back, and still the only thing of its kind.”