Here are the top Google searches of 2017

The most searched terms in the UK and worldwide have been revealed

The top Google searches have 2017 have been revealed, showing the most searched terms in the UK and worldwide.

Musicians and politicians featured heavily in last year’s top search terms, with both David Bowie and Prince appearing in the top 10 following their deaths. Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and the word election were also in the lower end of the top 10.

Actor Meghan Markle topped the top Google searches in the UK this year, followed by the iPhone 8 (second), Hurricane Irma (third) and the words fidget spinner (fourth), as BBC reports. The term Manchester bombing was the fifth most searched term of the year, following the terror attack on an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena.


No musicians made it into the top UK Google searches, however Tom Petty and Chester Bennington were in the top 10 global searches. The Linkin Park frontman, who died in July, was the ninth most searched term worldwide, while Petty, who passed away in October, was the seventh.

top Google searches 2017
Tom Petty was among the most searched Google terms in the world this year

Markle also appeared in the global top 10, however she was only the fifth most searched term. Hurricane Irma came in first in the global rankings.

The top UK Google searches of  2017 are as follows:

1. Meghan Markle
2. iPhone 8
3. Hurricane Irma
4. Fidget spinner
5. Manchester bombing
6. Grenfell Tower
7. 13 Reasons Why
8. Tara Palmer-Tomkinson
9. Shannon Matthews
10. iPhone X

The top global Google searches of 2017 are as follows:


1. Hurricane Irma
2. iPhone 8
3. iPhone X
4. Matt Lauer

5. Meghan Markle
6. 13 Reasons Why
7. Tom Petty

8. Fidget Spinner
9. Chester Bennington
10. India national cricket team

The top UK “What is…?” queries of the year have also been shared, with questions skewing towards a political theme. Following the general election earlier this year, the most searched question was “What is a hung Parliament?”, followed by “What is an exit poll?” (second), and – lower down – “What is a general election?” (seventh), and “What is the DUP?” (ninth).

The top UK “What is…?” queries are as follows:

1. What is a hung Parliament?
2. What is an exit poll?
3. What is the Confederations Cup?
4. What is Bitcoin?
5. What is the Antikythera mechanism?

6. What is a pangolin?
7. What is a general election?
8. What is waterboarding?
9. What is the DUP?
10. What is Pink’s real name?