‘Torchwood’ star blames “certain egos” for show’s prolonged absence

John Barrowman recently had a conversation about reviving the 'Doctor Who' spin-off

John Barrowman has blamed “certain egos” for Torchwood‘s continued absence from TV screens.

The actor starred as Captain Jack Harkness in the edgier Doctor Who spin-off created by Russell T. Davies, which ran for four series between 2006 and 2011, initially on BBC Two and then on BBC One.

Discussing a recent phone conversation he took about a possible Torchwood revival, Barrowman told the Radio Times: “I was told that there are some obstacles to overcome, and every time I tried to talk about a way around them, it was almost like there was another obstacle.”


“And this is a personal thing for me, this is not anything that was discussed, but I find it really a little disheartening that a company like the BBC can’t just say ‘Put your egos aside, we’re gonna go forward with this’,” Barrowman continued. “I travel all over the world, and I see the popularity of Torchwood. But when it comes down that it’s not being done because of people’s egos, I find that really difficult.”

Barrowman, who had told fans at San Diego Comic-Con in July that he would he having the conversation about bringing the show back, then said: “There’s a lot of politics involved, and the people that are close to it, I think would love to see it done, but there’s just certain egos in the path that are just standing in the way. That’s all I’ll say.”