Toy Story 3: the first reviews

Third film in Pixar’s toy franchise is “pure brilliance”

Toy Story 3 has been given its world premiere at ShoWest in Las Vegas

– the industry trade show – and early reviewers have given it a resounding thumbs up.

Although not a final cut – the last third of film is said to be unfinished in places and it is not yet in 3D – select critics at the advanced screening have lavished praise on the final film in the franchise that sees toys come to life.

It “continues Pixar’s streak of brilliance” according to Steve Weintraub at, who said critics were allowed to post their opinions on condition of not giving away any plot details.


“If you love the first two Toy Story movies, then the third is a great addition to the series and something you should be excited to see this June.

“The last 20 or 30 minutes of the film is incredible, and I’ll admit to wiping away tears.”

Peter Sciretta at concurs, but is slightly less lavish with his praise. “How does it compare to the last two Toy Story films?” he asks, before admitting that “it would be wrong to expect the third film to [match] the previous entries in the series”.

Yet he says new characters “stand toe to toe” with those of the first two films, the story “goes places you might not expect” and similarly agrees that the film’s final 30 minutes “are pure brilliance”.

The third in the series – best known for the characters of spaceman Buzz Lightyear and cowboy Woody, voiced by Tim Allen and Tom Hanks respectively – is set for a UK release on July 23.