‘Toy Story 4’ features Easter egg for upcoming Pixar film ‘Onward’

There'll also be a scene harking back to all previous Pixar projects

Toy Story 4 is set to include an Easter egg for Pixar’s upcoming animated fantasy film, Onward.

Responding to fans spotting that Keanu Reeves’ character Duke Caboom first appeared in Incredibles 2, producer Jonas Rivera has teased that we’ll see a subtle glimpse at Onward within the hit franchise’s final instalment.

Speaking to Digital Spy, he said: “Duke Caboom was in Jack-Jack’s crib in Incredibles 2 and, yes, I won’t spoil it, but you’ll see a little nugget of Onward somewhere hidden in Toy Story 4. It’s really fun.”


Rivera went on to explain that an antique store set in the upcoming movie offered the “perfect” chance to feature nods to all previous Pixar outings.

‘Toy Story 4’

“When Bo Peep and the sheep meet Woody, she’s out in the world collecting things, so we just needed a ton of things,” he said of the scene. “Luckily, we have all these movies with objects in them, so the sheep bring her a bottle cap, it’s the grape soda from Up, all that stuff.

“The antiques store was perfect, we needed tons of stuff in there. Every single movie you’ve seen; the wine glasses are from Ratatouille, there’s a bear carving from Brave, we just filled the shelves with stuff. Not to pull your attention, but just to have added texture.”

A recent trailer previewed the return of Bo Peep, with Toy Story 4 director Josh Cooley explaining she had “taken control of her own destiny”.


Meanwhile, Pixar’s Onward is set for release in March 2020. At the tail-end of 2018, it was also confirmed that Chris Pratt will appear in the film alongside Veep’s Julia Louise-Dreyfus and Spider-Man’s Tom Holland.

In other news, a new poster for the Child’s Play reboot sees the demonic doll Chucky take aim at Toy Story‘s Woody.