Tracy Morgan assures fans over ’30 Rock’ future with Alec Baldwin

Morgan responds to reports that Baldwin will leave and sitcom will end

30 Rock star Tracy Morgan has reassured fans about the show’s future with Alec Baldwin.

Baldwin, who plays executive Jack Donaghy in the hit NBC sitcom, had previously claimed that the show would be finishing next year, after his planned departure at the end of the next season.

Since then creator Tina Fey has cast doubt on Baldwin‘s claims, saying that the show would continue and that he would be staying.

Now Morgan, who plays comedian Tracy Jordan, has made the same claims. He told “I don’t know what’s going on with Alec. You have to ask Alec. I’m staying and I haven’t heard anything about Alec leaving. The show is going on. Alec didn’t tell anyone he was leaving. We’re fine, we’re still in shape. Trust me you’re hearing it from the horse’s mouth – I don’t care what the media is saying.”

30 Rock is currently airing in the UK on Thursdays on Comedy Central.