Trailer emerges for Robert Pattinson’s ‘Cosmopolis’ – video

Watch R.Patz get naked on NME.COM

The first teaser trailer for David Cronenbourg‘s new film Cosmopolis, starring Robert Pattinson.

Scroll down to watch footage of the Twilight star’s most ambitious project yet, which sees him team up with the acclaimed Crash director. The film is adapted from a novel by Don DeLillo.

Pattinson plays billionaire Eric Parker, and the film follows him for a single day as he realises is losing money at a dramatic speed, and decides to revel in his own downfall. The trailer suggests a return to Cronenbourg’s signature surrealism after making the psychoanalysis based costume drama A Dangerous Method.

Pattinson appears shirtless, appears to shoot himself in the hand, and at one point, a dinosaur rampages across a city. Of the sex in the movie, he has previously said: “It’s always kind of silly pretending to have sex with someone. [On Cosmopolis] there are three sex scenes in it and every sex scene was with an actress and I met them that day.

“I was doing a scene with Juliette Binoche, the first time I’d ever met Juliette Binoche and she’s one of my favourite actresses in the world and within an hour of meeting her we had to be pretending to have sex.”

Cosmopolis also co-stars Samantha Morton, Paul Giamatti and Jay Baruchel. The film is released on May 23.