‘Trainspotting’ author Irvine Welsh hopes to complete “Holy Trinity” with third film

'T2' was released in 2017

Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh has said that a third movie could be on the cards, which would complete a “Holy Trinity” of films.

T2 Trainspotting arrived in cinemas back in 2017 and followed on from the hit 1996 release, directed by Danny Boyle. The sequel saw a return for the original cast along with the acclaimed British filmmaker at the helm.

Now, Scottish novelist Welsh has hinted that the story might not be over yet as he referenced iconic movie trilogies.


”You think the Godfather III, Terminator III – there’s the temptation to do the Holy Trinity, it might evoke Danny’s inner Catholic,” the writer said during an appearance on the Anything Goes podcast.

”It took us long enough to work up the bottle to do number two. They’ll all be in the rest home by the time we had the bottle to do number three.

”We’d have to get moving on it pretty quickly. But it’s something that would be massively interesting to me.”

Elsewhere in the chat, Welsh revealed that he’d be interested in adapting his 2016 novel Begbie for the big screen. “The one I would like to do is a Begbie stand-alone,” he explained. “Just a short 90-minute film of Robert Carlyle going nuts.”


Ahead of T2 Trainspotting‘s release, Welsh discussed the possibility of a third instalment. “It’s a very, very filmic book, I think,” he said. “It’s almost like, bang, it has a three-act structure with not a lot of padding. And it’s a lot more genre than some of the other Trainspotting books.”