Treat Yo’ Self! ‘Parks And Rec’ fans celebrate the best day of the year

It’s time for fine leather goods and mimosas

Today is Friday 13 October, which everyone knows is a highly important day in the pop culture calendar. Not because of Jason Vorhees, obviously, but because it’s Treat Yo’ Self day – the best day of the year.

Missed out on this cultural phenomenon? Don’t worry – we can get you up to speed.


In 2011 on Parks and Recreations two of the characters Tom Haverford (Aziz Ansari) and Donna Meagle (Retta) introduced the holiday to the masses. Treat Yo’ Self day is exactly as it sounds – a day for pampering, indulging and celebrating. Whether you want clothes, fragrances or an outfit to be a cashmere velvet candy cane – this is the day to indulge. It’s become something of a cult festivity amongst fans.

And today, October 13, means it’s Treat Yo’ Self day 2017.

BUT WAIT. This year Treat Yo’ Self day is extra special. In the final season of Parks and Recreations, which was set in 2017, we saw Tom give Donna the best wedding gift of all, an early Treat Yo’ Self Day, where the celebrations are bigger than ever and they take their revelry to Beverly Hills.

And now, six years from the original Treat Yo’ Self day in 2011, and several years since the final season of Parks and Recreations finished airing – fans are uniting to celebrate ‘the best day of the year’, and the actual, real Treat Yo’ Self Day 2017.


Some have the day off:

And some have gone all out with shirts for the special day:

But how would Donna be celebrating Treat Yo Self 2017? Speaking to Time, Retta (who played Donna) explained: “She would do all the things that they said they would do. The massage. The mimosas. The shopping. Once Parks ended and they had that flash-forward episode, she was in a place where she was earning good money, so she would be getting those massages during a trip to Europe. Doing more extravagant shopping, like in a boutique in Rome.”

So today if you’re heart is saying indulge and your head is saying please stop, just take the advice of Donna and Tom and remember to “Treat Yo Self”, you’re worth it.

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