Tupac’s estate confirm 20th anniversary Greatest Hits vinyl and merch

The new line will only be available for a limited time

Tupac‘s estate has announced a new range merchandise and vinyl to mark the twentieth anniversary of the late rapper’s Greatest Hits album.

Earlier this week (November 19), a cryptic ‘1998’ countdown began on Tupac Shakur’s official Instagram page. The post featured an image of the artist, along with the date ‘Saturday 11/24’.

After fans pointed out that the date lined up with the milestone anniversary, it has now been confirmed that special editions of the Greatest Hits collection will be released.



Available as a clear vinyl, a standard vinyl, or digital download, the album features 21 hits and four posthumous songs. An original mix of ‘California Love’ – previously only available in the single format – will also be included.

In addition to the music, fans will be able to get their hands on a new line of merchandise – with hoodies, prints, hats, and t-shirts available to purchase. See the post below and find more information here.

Meanwhile, former boxer Mike Tyson recently broke down while being interviewed as he recalled the night that Tupac was fatally shot in Las Vegas in 1996.


“It’s very difficult to talk about,” Tyson said about his memories of their friendship. “He was just a young kid, and he wanted to be great – and then that happened.”

Back in July, Keefe D reportedly came forward to confess to playing a part in the fatal drive-by shooting of Tupac Shakur.

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