’13 Reasons Why’ soundtrack artist Car Seat Headrest slams the show

The Netflix teen drama has been criticized for 'glorifying suicide'

Car Seat Headrest has sided with the criticisms of popular Netflix teen drama 13 Reasons Why.

The show follows the story of a teenage girl who ultimately takes her own life, using flash backs of bullying and sexual assault. It has drawn criticisms from schools and parents who accuse the show’s makers of ‘glorifying suicide’.

A school in Minnesota recently notified parents of the show, warning that it offers a a problematic depiction of high-school life. New Zealand also created a entirely new rating for 13 Reasons Why which requires that those under 18 are only able to watch the show with a parent or guardian present.


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Car Seat Headrest contributed his song ‘Oh! Starving’ to the soundtrack. Taking to Twitter today (April 30) he also voiced his concerns for the show.

‘as someone who contributed to the soundtrack for “13 Reasons Why”, I am obliged to tell you all that it’s kind of fucked,’ he wrote. ‘writers: please don’t tell kids how to turn their miserable and hopeless lives into a thrilling and cathartic suicide mission. kids: this is not a narrative you need to subscribe to. go watch ‘spring breakers’ instead.’ You can see the full tweets below.


Earlier this week (April 28), executive producer Selena Gomez responded to the criticisms stating: “We stayed very true to the book and that’s initially what [author] Jay Asher created was a beautifully tragic, complicated yet suspenseful story and I think that’s what we wanted to do. We wanted to do it justice and, yeah, [the backlash is] gonna come no matter what. It’s not an easy subject to talk about, but I’m very fortunate with how it’s doing.”

She also told E! News that the controversy could open up a dialogue about teen suicide, adding: “I just wanted it to come across in a way that kids would be frightened, but confused, and in a way that they would talk about it because it’s something that’s happening all the time.”