Second season of ’13 Reasons Why’ moves closer to being officially confirmed

The latest Netflix sensation debuted its opening season on March 31 and has gone on to earn widespread acclaim

A second season of 13 Reasons Why has moved even closer to being officially confirmed following the news that a castmember from its opening season is leaving another show due to “other commitments.”

Netflix’s latest sensation debuted on the streaming platform on March 31, and has gone on to earn widespread acclaim – as well as instigating debate and controversy regarding its content. The show tells the story of a teenage girl who reveals the reasons she committed suicide through a series of tapes sent to members of her peer group.

While the thirteen episodes of 13 Reasons Why‘s first season told the entirety of the story it adapted from Jay Asher’s novel of the same name, the strongly-rumoured follow-up season now seems even more likely with the news that castmember Ross Butler – who plays Zach – has left another show due to acting “commitments” elsewhere.


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As reported by TVLine, Butler won’t reprise his role in the second season of Riverdale due to “his commitments to other projects” – which strongly hints at his involvement in a second season of 13 Reasons Why.

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Although no official announcement of a second season has been forthcoming, executive producer Selena Gomez recently said that any future episodes would go beyond the original story: “We know there are so many stories that lie beneath each character.”