‘13 Reasons Why’ star discusses Winston’s “sad” ending in final season

*Spoilers for '13 Reasons Why' season four below*

13 Reasons Why star Deaken Bluman has discussed his character Winston Williams’ “sad” ending in the show’s recent final season.

The fourth and last season of the show came to Netflix earlier this month.

The show’s ending saw Alex Standall confessing to the murder of Bryce Walker in season three, something Winston was investigating for much of the final season.


“What made me sad was that he ended up alone,” Bluman told TVLine. “That’s the danger of searching for the truth. It’s not necessarily going to make you stronger. In fact, it’s probably going to break you a little.”

13 reasons why ending
’13 Reasons Why’ has wrapped up after four seasons. Credit: Netflix

Speaking of the scene when Winston thinks about what it would be like to dance with Montgomery de la Cruz at the Liberty High School prom, Bluman said: “It was wonderful working with Timothy [Granaderos Jr] in that scene. He’s such a talented actor.

“We’re actually from the same vicinity in Michigan, so that really grounded Winston and Monty from the beginning, us being able to relate to one another.

Bluman added: “It was a match made in Netflix, without them even knowing. I got chills when I read [that scene] for the first time. I texted Timothy and said, ‘I’m so happy we get this’.”


Fans of 13 Reasons Why reacted angrily to a plot twist in the fourth and final season of the show, saying the show’s writers missed an opportunity to help educate viewers on the HIV/AIDS crisis.