Leslie Knope from ‘Parks And Recreation’ writes letter to America following Trump’s win

"People making their own decisions is, on balance, better than an autocrat making decisions for them," writes Amy Poehler's character.

Parks And Recreation‘s Leslie Knope has written a letter to America following Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election.

Knope – the well-meaning civil servant played in the cult US sitcom by Amy Poehler – compares Trump’s victory to a distressing social studies lesson she attended during her school years. The lesson ended with a “smart if slightly bookish-looking cartoon tortoise named Greenie” being beaten in a fictional class election by “a T. rex named Dr. Farts who wears sunglasses and plays the saxophone”.

The latter’s plan, apparently, was simply “to fart as much as possible and eat all the teachers”.


After sharing the story of the farting T.Rex’s victory, which she says left her “inconsolable”, Knope quotes Winston Churchill before concluding: “People making their own decisions is, on balance, better than an autocrat making decisions for them.”

She adds: “It’s just that sometimes those decisions are bad, or self-defeating, or maddening, and a day where you get dressed up in your best victory pantsuit and spend an ungodly amount of money decorating your house with American flags and custom-made cardboard-cutouts of suffragettes in anticipation of a glass-ceiling-shattering historical milestone ends with you getting (metaphorically) eaten by a giant farting T. rex.”

Read the letter in full on Yahoo!

Meanwhile, the world of music has largely responded in shock and horror to Trump’s victory in the election. Lady Gaga even took to the streets outside Trump Tower in New York City in protest after it emerged that the billionaire businessman had defeated Hillary Clinton.

Robert De Niro has addressed previous comments he made about wanting to punch Trump in the face. “I can’t do that now. He’s the president and I have to respect that position,” he said during an interview on Jimmy Kimmel’s US chatshow.