Tom Hanks addresses whether that picture shows him or Bill Murray

The picture bewildered the internet last month even though the woman who appears in it said she could settle the confusion.

Tom Hanks has given his view on whether last month’s bewildering viral picture features him or Bill Murray.

Though the woman in the picture has said “it’s totally Bill” posing with her son, some people online remain convinced that it is definitely Hanks in the picture.

He met Bill Murray. Submitted by: Laura …

He met Bill Murray. Submitted by: Laura R. Location: St. Andrew’s, Scotland

Asked about the confusion on The Graham Norton Show tonight (November 25), Hanks replied jokingly: “Well, I’ve been doing a pale imitation of Bill Murray for most of my career, so it actually works out.”

He added: “I know it’s not me because I did not take that picture! Unless I’ve had a cranial plate shift that is medicinal, that’s not me. I believe that’s Bill!”

When Norton replied that the picture still looks like him, Hanks replied: “I know – I could make that face.” Watch the actor discussing the picture – and recreating it for Norton – below.

Tom Hanks recreates THAT Bill Murray photo – The Graham Norton Show 2016 – BBC One

Programme website: Tom Hanks reveals whether it’s actually him or Bill Murray in a recent photo that has gone viral on the internet

During the interview, Hanks also described Clint Eastwood as an “intimidating” director who “treats his actors like horses”.

Hanks stars in Eastwood’s latest film Sully, already a huge hit in the US. The two-time Oscar-winning actor plays Chesley ‘Sully’ Sullenberger, the commercial airline pilot hailed an American hero after he managed to land his plane safely on New York City’s Hudson River in 2009.

Meanwhile, Hanks recently teamed up with Ellen DeGeneres, Bruce Springsteen and Robert De Niro to attempt the Mannequin Challenge at the White House.