1950s TV show “predicted” Donald Trump and the border wall

Stranger than fiction...

A TV series from the 1950s predicted the concept of a border wall being promoted by a man named Trump.

The fact was seemingly unearthed by Twitter user Alex Hirsch this week, who noticed that CBS’ old western series Trackdown featured an episode in 1958 about a man called Walter Trump, who tries to convince townspeople to build a border wall in the face of impending doomsday.


A border wall, of course, is the huge sticking point in the current US political climate. Donald Trump is continuing a partial government shutdown in the hope to secure funds for his controversial US-Mexico wall to keep out illegal immigrants.

The parallels between this and the wall needed to protect the fictional town of Talpa from a meteorite in Trackdown’s ‘The End of the World’ are certainly eyebrow-raising.

In the episode, Walter Trump is portrayed by actor Lawrence Dobkin as a snake-oil salesman with oddly Trump-like character traits. At one point in the show, he responds to a threat with the retort: “be careful son, I can sue you.” Sound familiar?

Meanwhile, Trump was widely mocked earlier this week for adapting a Game of Thrones tagline in a meme promoting the wall.


But fans of the HBO series were quick to point out (beware, spoilers ahead!), the Great Wall of Westeros collapsed in the 2017 Season 7 finale.