‘Black Mirror’ just launched season four with an ominous ‘Happy New Year’ message

New episodes of Charlie Brooker's dystopian show arrive on Netflix today (December 29)

Season four of Black Mirror launched on Netflix earlier today (December 29), and Charlie Brooker’s show marked the occasion with an ironic and pretty ominous ‘Happy New Year’ message.

The video mixes clips from the dystopian black comedy series with real-life footage of public figures like Theresa May, Vladimir Putin and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.

“2017 was a wonderful year,” a voiceover intones. “so connected, so progressive – there’s only one to say goodbye to 2017….” Watch the video below.


Season four of Black Mirror features six new episodes including one directed by Jodie Foster. Discussing how the Hollywood icon came to work on the show, Charlie Brooker told NME recently: “Well, she’s done shows for Netflix before – Orange Is The New Black, House Of Cards, things like that. So, Netflix passed her the script, which she liked, and then we had a Skype chat, which is quite a moment, isn’t it? A Skype chat with Jodie Foster.”

He added: “She is super-smart and extremely grounded, you would say extremely grounded for anyone – let alone someone who’s been in the public eye since they were about four years old.”


Foster recently spoke about the episode she directed on Stephen Colbert’s chat show, teasing: “The episode is about, like a lot of Black Mirror, all around technology. This is a mother-daughter story – a mother would like to keep her child safe. She has all of the paranoias that sometimes new parents have, and she finds this device that allows her to figure out a way to keep her child safe, and it may require an implant. She’s going for it.”


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