Nicole Kidman highlights relevance of ‘Big Little Lies’ following Hollywood sex abuse scandal

“We're in a position now to elicit change. We can all do it together.”

Nicole Kidman has highlighted the relevance of her hit show Big Little Lies in light of the Hollywood sexual abuse scandal.

Kidman plays Celeste in the series – alongside an ensemble cast that includes Reese Witherspoon, Alexander Skarsgard, Zoe Kravitz and Laura Dern. The first series focused on a group of parents in Monterey, California and the drama surrounding their lives – which ultimately lead to the murder of one of the characters. 

In an interview with Hollywood Life, Kidman was asked about the link between the show’s focus on abuse and the ongoing scandal in the entertainment industry.


“There’s been a huge unravelling this year,” she said. “We’re in a position now to elicit change. We can all do it together.”

“I think it’s so important right now that we’re all together, and that we’re helping each other, and that we can really make change happen, make this place a safer world for all of us, actually, and redefine how we look at the use of power, and what abuse is.”

Kidman added that she “couldn’t believe the way in which people connected to Big Little Lies, but particularly to the storyline of Celeste and the abuse.”

“Being involved now is helping to change things so that this generation, next generation, won’t be dealing with things that have been happening like this.”

Hollywood has been at the centre of a spate of sexual misconduct allegations recently, with prominent figures in the film industry, including Harvey WeinsteinKevin SpaceyBrett Ratner, and James Toback being accused of multiple counts of harassment and abuse.


Meanwhile, it was recently confirmed that Big Little Lies will return for a second series. There had initially been doubt over whether the show would return, with executive producer and director Jean-Marc Vallée saying that there was “no reason” to make another season.