’30 Rock’ to feature Kim Jong Il’s death

The last series saw the North Korean dictator kidnap Jack Donaghy's wife

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il‘s death has been written into the new series of 30 Rock.

The end of the last series of the hit US sitcom saw Jack Donaghy’s (Alec Baldwin) wife Avery Jessup (Elizabeth Banks) kidnapped by Kim Jong Il (Margaret Cho) while on a journalistic assignment.

Now, producer Robert Carlock has revealed that scripts were hastily rewritten to mention the dictator’s death. He told Us Weekly:

Jack’s love life is pretty complicated and it just got more complicated because I think, technically, Avery is the First Lady of North Korea.

He added that the production team had been concerned about the storyline: “We sort of went back to the script because we’d already shot eight or nine episodes and we realised that luckily we hadn’t referred to Kim Jong-Il by name yet – just to North Korea in general.”

Carlock then joked about the storyline’s future: “Maybe we’ll have Margaret Cho showing up again having faked her death, because she wants to get a gig on a morning talk show.”

Kim Jong-Il died of heart failure in December.