A doctor asked Stephen Merchant for selfie while his trousers were down

"My first thought was, 'Has he recognised me from my behind?'"

Stephen Merchant has revealed that a doctor once asked him for a selfie while he was receiving an injection with his trousers down.

The Outlaws star opened up about the odd experience in a new interview with The Sun, explaining he had been working in Croatia when he got a case of food poisoning.

“This ­doctor comes and he examines me and he says, ‘I’ll give you an injection to loosen your stomach muscles. Drop your pyjamas and turn around, because I’ve got to put it in your posterior,'” Merchant recalled.


“And he gets this bloody great syringe out and he’s about to put it in, and he goes, ‘Are you Stephen ­Merchant?’” the star went on to reveal. “My first thought was, ‘Has he recognised me from my behind? Am I like the Croatian Kim Kardashian or something?’.

“So he puts this injection in and goes, ‘Don’t suppose I could get a selfie?’ ”

Christopher Walken, The Outlaws
Christopher Walken and Stephen Merchant star in ‘The Outlaws’ CREDIT: BBC

Merchant’s most recent project is BBC One’s The Outlaws, which follows a group of minor criminals forced together for community service in Bristol, and co-stars Christopher Walken.

It was recently confirmed that the artwork painted over by the latter star’s character in the final episode was an original Banksy work.

“We can confirm that the artwork at the end of The Outlaws was an original Banksy, and that Christopher Walken painted over that artwork during the filming of this scene, ultimately destroying it,” a show spokesperson said.


The series, which is available on BBC iPlayer, also stars Rhianne Barreto, Gamba Cole, Darren Boyd, Clare Perkins, Eleanor Tomlinson, Dolly Wells and Ian McElhinney.

Meanwhile, last year Merchant took a dig on Twitter at his The Office co-creator Ricky Gervais’ show After Life in a reply to the question: “What is your least favourite bit of movie shorthand?”

In an apparent reference to After Life, he wrote in response: “Watching old home movies of dead child/wife = inability to move on.”

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