A ‘Friends’ fan has counted exactly how many cups of coffee the gang drank

Hint: it's quite a lot.

A London-based writer has counted exactly how many cups of coffee the Friends gang drank over the show’s 10-season run.

Kit Lovelace actually re-watched all 236 episodes of the classic sitcom to monitor the characters’ drinking habits for a piece he was writing a few years ago. Earlier this week, he shared the results again on Twitter.

He found that a total of 1,154 cups of coffee were drunk across the show’s decade-long run. Lisa Kudrow’s Phoebe drank the most cups of coffee, while Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel consumed the fewest.


“If they were somewhere were there was no coffee (Ross giving a lecture; Monica catering an event etc), I would fast forward through the scene keeping an eye out for any potential mugs or cups,” Lovelace told HuffPost. “Any Central Perk scene, or apartment scene where they were eating and drinking I watched [properly].”

Lovelace also said that he was surprised Phoebe turned out to be the show’s biggest coffee-drinker. “It makes sense that Rachel didn’t rack up so many cups ― as she was a waitress for so long ― but I’d have thought the smart money was on Chandler winning out before I started,” he said.

Recently, Matthew Perry, who played Chandler, revealed the one storyline that he asked to be scrapped because he hated it so much.

Meanwhile, Friends fans were recently sent into a frenzy when a fake David Schwimmer Facebook account led them to believe that there would be a reunion taking place in 2018.