A new documentary will follows the lives of Donald Trump’s youngest supporters

Trump's Youngest Supporters is presented by Angela Scanlon

A new BBC3 documentary will follow the lives of Donald Trump’s youngest supporters ahead of November’s US presidential election.

Trump’s Youngest Superfans will see Robot Wars host Angela Scanlon meeting a wide ranging selection of the politician’s fans, including youngsters from the LGBT and African-American community.

BBC3 controller Damian Kavanagh announced the show at the Edinburgh TV Festival, and said that the show aims to explore why Trump’s message has particularly resonated with his followers.


Kavanagh said: “The US election will define the US and its relationship with the world for a generation, and Donald Trump is at the centre. We wanted Angela to see what his supporters had to say first hand and why he resonates with them so much.”

The show will form part of a new US season, which will also see Reggie Yates tackling gun crime in ‘Reggie Yates: Life and Death in Chicago.’

He said: “Life and Death in Chicago might just be the strongest film I’ve made yet as it hits an incredible middle ground of personal journey and unfolding narrative. With the realities of black on black violence and police brutality an unfortunate reality for Chicago, this I feel is a film that tells a story we’re aware of, from the perspective of the people.”

An air-date for both shows is yet to be confirmed.