A writer asked how The Simpsons should end. And fans did not disappoint

Someone imagined a post-apocalyptic world where Marge gets it on with Ned.

A writer asked how The Simpsons should end on Twitter. And fans did not disappoint.

The long-running animated show began in 1989 and has spanned over 600 episodes with the title family experiencing – and surviving – pretty much every possible scenario, without appearing to age a day. However, The Simpsons’ ratings have been falling and recently faced criticism over shop-owner character Apu.

With Season 30 of the show currently airing, journalist Tristan Cross posed a simple question on Twitter: ‘how would you end the simpsons?’.

Cross offered his own suggestion; an ending where Bart is killed in a car accident leaving a grieving Milhouse to start smoking weed and singing Cat Stevens’ ‘Wild World’.

There have already been over 100 replies to the original tweet. And they were all pretty dark. One of the more lighthearted scenarios is Homer becoming The Joker.

The suggestion from @padje referenced The Simpsons’ first episode in 1989, where a skint Homer adopts an abandoned greyhound, Santa’s Little Helper. This fan took it full circle, but in a really bleak way.

Some people’s ideas focused on how no one in Springfield appears to age – a fact the show’s own writers have had a lot of fun with in the past. Longtime showrunner Al Jean revealed their “continuous loop” idea for the show’s finale back in 2014.

What would happen if Bart ever actually turned 11?

Or perhaps it was all just Homer moving through Purgatory?

One fan painted Springfield into a bleak post-industrial slump, while @charlesfare posited the stark prophesy: “gas leak while they slept”.

Then it got really dark, thanks to @Allhorne’s macabre vision and @DrLimes99 reference to that iconic trenches scene from black comedy Blackadder Goes Forth.

And there’s always someone who takes it too far.

Only time will tell how The Simpsons opt to go. There is a good chance that the show’s ending has already been prophesied within an episode, The Simpsons has been known to predict the future.