Watch Aaron Paul recall being serenaded by Rihanna

Rihanna once tweeted: "#Pinkman4President"

Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul has recalled meeting both Rihanna and Drake, who he says are big fans of the show.

Appearing on The Tonight Show on Friday (March 16), Paul – who played Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad – told host Jimmy Fallon how he met both stars randomly in different parking garages.

Paul remembered how he first met Drake after the rapper approached him and gave him a hug in a Paris parking lot. During the exchange, Drake revealed to him that he had introduced Rihanna to the show.


The actor then described how later, in a separate parking garage, Rihanna “literally starts running towards me”, throwing her arms around him and saying she “had to meet” him.

Paul went on to meet Rihanna again during a Super Bowl party, where she appeared to serenade him while she was performing.

“She walks to the end of the catwalk. I was on the second level of this small little venue. Then she starts singing ‘Stay’ directly to me. She does not lose eye contact with me,” Paul explained.

“My wife is standing right next to me. She’s like, ‘She’s singing to you.’ And I’m like, “I know!’ Maybe she was looking in my general direction, but the story I tell is that she sang to me.”

Watch Aaron Paul tell the story in full below:


In 2014, Rihanna tweeted a photo of the pair, along with the caption, “My life has been completed!!! #Pinkman4President”. See that tweet beneath.

Breaking Bad ran for five seasons from 2008 to 2013 and recently celebrated its 20th anniversary.