Aaron Paul responds to bill proposing that it’s illegal to call anyone “bitch”

Jesse Pinkman could be in a lot of trouble

Aaron Paul has responded to a new bill that proposes to make calling anyone “bitch” illegal.

The term became his Breaking Bad character Jesse Pinkman’s catchphrase across the show.

A Massachusetts-based Democrat is trying to pass a bill that would “make it a crime to maliciously call someone a ‘bitch,'” Free Beacon reveals.


Responding to the tweet about the bill, Paul wrote: “Ummmm…what if it’s in a nice way?? Asking for a friend.”


Paul reprised his role as Pinkman in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie which came to Netflix earlier this month. In a two-star review of the film, NME‘s Ella Kemp wrote: “Most emotional moments are indulgent and inconclusive, adding unnecessary layers of fan service to an already complete product.

“The film ends as the show did – Jesse braves his future alone. It’s just puzzling to watch two more hours and reach, essentially, the exact same conclusion.”

Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul in El Camino

In an interview with NME, Paul responded to the fan backlash against the new movie and insinuations that the film was not needed, saying: “I mean so many things in life aren’t really needed, you know? Alcohol, for example, not needed. Is it great? Yeah!”


He added: “Meth. We don’t need meth, okay. Let’s… yeah. I wouldn’t really compare meth and alcohol. But like a cherry on top of a Sunday, not needed. Will I get it every single time? Absolutely.”

“I think what Vince [Gilligan] did with this is perfect and I think the ending of Breaking Bad was perfect,” he concluded. Watch the full interview below.

Aaron Paul has said that a Breaking Bad sequel series won’t happen, but Bryan Cranston has said that he’s open to the possibility of playing Walter White again.

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