Aaron Paul was originally supposed to star in ‘Westworld’ season one

The 'Breaking Bad' actor will star in the upcoming third season of the popular Sci-fi series

Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul was supposed to star in the first season of Westworld before later joining the show for its third season.

In a new interview with The Independent, Paul revealed that Westworld bosses were “trying to come up with a world where I was going to be in the first season,” because he was “such a diehard fan.”

“I was just so deep into negotiations on this other show and the logistics couldn’t work out,” he said. “And then they approached me again for this third season and I was actually deep into negotiations on this other show, so I was reliving the same moment in my life again!


“I was stressing out because I had to turn Westworld down the first time around.”

Explaining that he couldn’t miss out on the second opportunity, which ultimately led to him starring in the upcoming new season, Paul added: “So I sat down with them and they pitched me this character and they pitched me the broad strokes of the arc of the rest of the series. It is insane. This show is so unbelievably ambitious and I walk onto these sets and my jaw is on the floor.”

Paul’s addition to Westworld season three was announced in September, 2018.

Meanwhile, Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul has responded to critics who argue a sequel to the iconic AMC drama wasn’t necessary in a new interview with NME.

After El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie arrived on Netflix last week, some fans were left disappointed, claiming the move was “unnecessary” and “didn’t add anything” to the story.