Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish joke that ‘Robot Chicken’ “definitely ripped us off”

"To think that something's true these days is enough to make it true"

Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish have joked that animated sketch show Robot Chicken “definitely ripped off” The Adam And Joe Show.

The pair were talking to NME for a recent Friends Like These video interview, which you can watch in full above.

“A lot of our work influenced lots of very important, more successful things,” Cornish joked.


Robot Chicken definitely ripped us off though, come on,” Buxton replied, adding: “Here’s a conspiracy theory about how we might have been ripped off by Robot Chicken.”

He explained: “World of Wonder, who were the company that made The Adam And Joe Show, or helped us produce it and paid for it, they were based in LA, and they still are. They make lots of crazy, wacky shows.

“Back in those days, one of the people that they were working with was Seth Green. He was in a film they made called Party Monster, about the club kids and this guy Michael Alig who was this clubbing psychopath.”

Robot Chicken
Adam And Joe. Credit: Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images

Buxton continued: “Anyway, Seth Green was hanging out, and he was in the World of Wonder universe, and so I think that he might have seen The Adam And Joe Show while he was around World of Wonder’s offices.

“I don’t know about the chronology, but I’m gonna say that he saw some of our toy movies and our Star Wars parodies, and ripped them off for Robot Chicken.”


“I agree,” Cornish concurred. “I think that’s true. And to think that something’s true these days is enough to make it true.”

The duo’s cult classic ’90s comedy series The Adam And Joe Show has hit streaming services, available on All4.

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