Adult Swim share spoof trailer for kids version of ‘Rick and Morty’ for April Fools

'Rick and Morty Babies' comes as part of a fake rebranding as 'Adult Swim Junior'

Adult Swim have shared a spoof trailer for a new kids’ version of Rick and Morty to celebrate April Fools Day today (April 1).

The trailer for Rick and Morty Babies came alongside the (fake) news that the show’s network was rebranding as ‘Adult Swim Junior’.

After news of the rebranding spread, the network released what claimed to be the first episode of the new kid-centric version of the lauded show.


In fact, Adult Swim have repurposed Total Rickall, the fourth episode of the show’s second season, with children taking up the voice roles for all the characters.

Watch the new episode below.

Alongside the new episode of Rick and Morty Babies, Adult Swim also held a special livestream event previewing all the shows set to come to the fake ‘Adult Swim Junior’ network. The video has now been removed after its initial airing.

The team behind Rick and Morty have a long history of teasing fans with April Fools jokes. Their most famous exploit came in 2017 when the show lobbied McDonalds for the return of the infamous Szechuan sauce, a short-lived promotional item released by the fast food giant in 1998 to coincide with the release of the Disney film Mulan, by filling its season 3 premiere with meta references to it.


Ahead of their latest April Fools joke, it was revealed this week that season five of Rick and Morty will air this June.

The Emmy-winning animated comedy returns to Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim in the US from June 20, with as-yet-unconfirmed UK air dates to follow the same month on E4.