Alan Partridge brands Noel Edmonds a “pillock” and a “wazzock”

Partridge shares the story of his decades-long feud with Edmonds

Alan Partridge has shared the full story of his ongoing feud with rival presenter Noel Edmonds.

In an extract from his new book, Alan Partridge: Nomad, the Knowing Me, Knowing You host reveals that the pair’s decades-old beef stems from an incident at a cocktail party in the late ’80s in which Edmonds goaded him into singing badly in front of a gathering crowd.

“In many ways, this was his first Gotcha. A successful TV and radio star humiliating an impressionable young DJ for sport,” Partridge writes in an extract from the book published by The Guardian. “It takes a special kind of pillock to do that.”


Later in the extract, the Norwich-based personality reveals that Edmonds once encouraged his wife Carol to drink too much at a 1991 party thrown by Radio Times. This apparently resulted in her being “sick on the horseshoe-shaped mat that circles the foot of the toilet.”

“This mat was quite new so needed scrubbing before a spell in the washing machine,” he writes. “And who do you think did the scrubbing? Was it Edmonds? No. It was Alan Partridge.”


Partridge shares several other frustrating encounters with Edmonds in the extract before confirming that the pair remain on acrimonious terms today.

“To this day, Edmonds takes great delight in bringing up my corporate video work, seemingly certain he’s never produced anything as embarrassing in his career,” he writes. “Er, Noel’s HQ? In summary, Edmonds is a total wazzock of a guy and I cannot stand him. But do I hate him? No.”

The book Alan Partridge: Nomad, which is credited to Alan Partridge with Steve Coogan, Rob Gibbons and Neil Gibbons, will be published by Trapeze this Thursday (October 20). Read the full extract telling the story of the two presenters’ feud over on The Guardian.


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