Alan Partridge fans react as Norfolk’s finest returns in new series ‘This Time’

"Finally some excellent British comedy back on the BBC."

This Time With Alan Partridge debuted on BBC One last night – and it’s fair to say that his return to the corporation is going down a storm.

The show saw Steve Coogan returning once more as the eponymous broadcaster, who has been handed a return back to the big time when he becomes the stand-in host of This Time, a weekday magazine programme that isn’t entirely dissimilar to a certain teatime favourite.

But it soon became clear that age hasn’t changed him – Alan is still as excruciatingly awkward to watch as he’s ever been.


Praising the show on Twitter, one fan wrote: “This Time with Alan Partridge has been on 12 minutes and it’s already funnier than anything else BBC have put out in the last 10 years. We don’t deserve Coogan at all.”

Another argued: “This Time with #AlanPartridge is sublime. Finally some excellent British comedy back on the BBC.”


While the show attracted a largely positive response, there was also a selection of detractors who seemingly struggled to get on board with the concept of Alan being back in the studio.

“I knew this would be utter crap new Alan partridge show is awful compared to the classics years ago. BBC would not stop showing the advert and that made me think it would be crap,” wrote one viewer.

Another said: “Alan Partridge. Is anyone laughing? This is awful. More than awful. BORING!”

Meanwhile, NME gave Partridge’s return a full five stars – describing it as a “slice of comedic gold” in a five star review.

“Alan Partridge might have left the BBC under a cloud of shame, but his return is the complete opposite,” our review said.
“It’s a slice of comedic gold and an early contender for the funniest show of the year. Back of the net.”