Alan Ruck weighs in on ‘Succession’ co-star Jeremy Strong’s method acting

"My personal feeling is that he doesn’t fully trust his talent"

Alan Ruck has chimed in on the ongoing debate surrounding his Succession co-star Jeremy Strong’s approach to method acting.

Earlier this month, their co-star Brian Cox – who plays Logan Roy in the hit HBO series – slammed Strong’s method acting, calling it “American shit”. While calling him “a wonderful actor”, Cox added, “I’m glad he is not in pain personally. It’s really a cultural clash. I don’t put up with all that American shit. I’m sorry. All that sort of, ‘I think, therefore I feel.’”

“Just do the job,” Cox added at the time. “Don’t identify.”


Now, Ruck has shared his thoughts on Strong’s method acting in a new interview with the Evening Standard, saying he thinks “Jeremy is very hard on himself. And my personal feeling is that he doesn’t fully trust his talent. I think it could be an easier path for him. But he doesn’t believe it”.

Ruck also came to Cox’s defence, adding: “I think Brian is actually worried for Jeremy’s well-being. Because Jeremy said one time that doing a role should cost you something. I think you do have to be fully invested, but if you need to give a pound of flesh every time you give a performance, at some point there’s not going to be anything left.”

“Jeremy’s brilliant. The proof’s in the pudding, right? He delivers beautiful work,” Ruck concluded.

Strong, Ruck and Cox all star in Succession, which has just premiered the first episode of its fourth season. Succession‘s fourth season will be the show’s last, though creator Jesse Armstrong recently admitted that he hoped he would be talked out of ending the show by HBO.

“The word that comes to mind for me is ‘natural.’ I hope people, when they see this season, will feel that it has a natural shape to it,” he told Variety.

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