‘Alex Rider’ TV series renewed for second season by Amazon

The show, based on Anthony Horowitz's books, debuted this month

Amazon Prime Video have confirmed a second season of their new show Alex Rider.

The series, starring Otto Farrant in the title role and based on Anthony Horowitz’s 20 million-selling spy books, debuted on the streaming service earlier this month.

As Deadline reports, a second season of the show, which is created by Sony, is set to begin production later this year.


Alongside Farrant, the show also features Vicky McClure (Line Of Duty) and Game Of Thrones actors Stephen Dillane and Brenock O’Connor.

It follows the box office flop of Hollywood film adaptation Stormbreaker, based on the first book in Horowitz’s 12-book series, which came out in 2006.

Speaking to NME about the first season of the show, which debuted on Amazon Prime Video on June 4, Farrant discussed how the series tracks changes in masculinity in the 20 years since the first Alex Rider books came out at the turn of the millennium.

Alex Rider
Otto Farrant and Brennock O’Connor in ‘Alex Rider’ (Picture: Amazon Prime Video)

“In the modern age, there’s so much more support for men and talking about their feelings, sensitivities and vulnerabilities,” Farrant said. “I think what’s great about Alex Rider is that he wears his heart on his sleeve a little bit.

“Andreas Prochaska, the director of the first four episodes, asked me to be as ‘me’ as possible. I’m someone who struggles quite a lot to hide my feelings, so that was definitely part of the process.”


An NME review of season one of Alex Rider said: “Societal shifts are carefully adapted into a show that doesn’t neglect a teenage audience that are discovering the Alex Rider books for the first time, nor blocks them out with too much darkness.

“By trying to have something for everybody, though, some potentially sharper edges are smoothed down across the show’s early episodes. Farrant feels like an exceedingly strong presence at the helm, but if the adaptation is set to continue further, it will need some tinkering to fully work out its audience.”