Alexandra Daddario says ‘True Detective’ changed her career

She played Lisa Tragnetti in the first season

Alexandra Daddario has said she believes True Detective changed her career.

The actor, who played Lisa Tragnetti in the first season of the HBO show, recently reflected on her role as advancing her career at the time.

“The biggest successes I’ve had in my career, I did not expect or they were completely out of the blue,” Daddario recently said on Collider Ladies Night. “And the biggest jobs I’ve booked, I had no concept that I was gonna book them.


“So I’ve tried to maintain my sanity or whatever my viewpoint on life is, I try not to put too many expectations on things. I do have more knowledge and understanding of tracking and how things are gonna work, but True Detective, for example, which I’m sure we’ll get to, it’s like, I didn’t see what was gonna happen from that coming at all.”

She added: “I don’t even think I was invited to that premiere. I didn’t go to the premiere of that show and then it ended up being a huge thing for my career. So you just never know what’s gonna happen, so I just try to do the best I can in whatever I choose to do and that’s it.”

Earlier this year HBO chief content officer Casey Bloys teased that there could be a fourth season of True Detective in the works.

“It’s safe to say we’re working with a couple of writers to find the right tone and take,” he said. “It’s definitely an area that could be very interesting and I think it would be interesting with a new voice.

“Quality is what’s going to guide us so if we end up with scripts that we don’t feel are representative or are not at a high enough quality, we’re not going to do something just to do it.”