‘All Of Us Are Dead’: Lee Yoo-mi defends her character’s “mean” personality 

“Her desire to live was just expressed in a different way”

South Korean actress Lee Yoo-mi has opened up about her role as Na-yeon in Netflix’s new hit zombie apocalypse series All Of Us Are Dead.

In the teen zombie drama, the 27-year-old actress had starred as Na-yeon, a high school student who struggles to get along and cooperate with her classmates when their school is taken over by a wave of zombies due to her “mean” personality.

However, in an interview with Cosmopolitan Korea, Lee shared that she found herself unable to hate the character despite her shortcomings. “Na-yeon is someone who’s really faithful to the emotions she feels,” explained the actress, as translated by Soompi. “If you dwell on it again, there are aspects you come to understand about why Na-yeon acted that way.”


All Of Us Are Dead co-star Yoo Chan-young also chimed in, adding that despite the character’s harsh words, Na-yeon “doesn’t say anything that isn’t true”. “In real life, you need someone like that,” said Yoo.

“She has no choice but to be in a rush because she has to survive. Her desire to live was just expressed in a different way,” elaborated Lee. The actress went on to add that the way viewers had reacted to the character was also a reflection of her skills as an actress.

“If she’s really mean, that means I acted well, right? If I receive hate, I will think that I did as well as the amount of hate I receive. It’s fine if you send hate and it’s fine if you pity her,” she said.

In addition to All Of Us Are Dead, Lee had previously starred in Netflix’s 2021 mega-hit Squid Game as Ji-yeong. While she had been acting for over a decade the series proved to be her breakout project, and propelled the actress to international popularity.