‘Always Sunny’ is aiming to break the record for the longest live-action comedy series ever

Fans should also be "hopeful" for Dennis' return

The stars of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia are aiming to break the record for the longest-running live-action comedy series.

The show stars Charlie Day as Charlie, Glenn Howerton as Dennis, Rob McElhenney as Mac, Kaitlin Olsen as Dee and Danny DeVito as Frank.

It first aired in 2005 and has run for a mammoth 12 seasons. Now Day has revealed he and his co-stars are aiming for a record-breaking 15 seasons.


“You definitely get Season 13, which we’re making right now, and Season 14, which we’re contracted to do, and then beyond that, it’ll be up to FX,” he told TheWrap. “But I think 15 is the record for a comedy, so I imagine we’ll all want to hold the record for the longest-running comedy in America. Fifteen would be the record for the longest live-action comedy, so we’ll probably try and break that record if we can.”

The Season 12 finale saw Howerton leave the show as Dennis but Day says fans should be hopeful that it won’t be the end of Dennis.

“It’s top secret, I can’t say anything,” Day said after being asked about whether Dennis will return to the show. “But I can say that the fans should feel hopeful. The fans should feel hopeful that they’ll see some more Dennis … There’s been discussions.”

Back in January, Howerton tweeted: “I don’t know why people are putting out articles saying that I confirmed that Dennis is coming back. I never said that. What I said is that it is POSSIBLE that he’ll come back.

“What I also said is that whether Dennis comes back or not has nothing to do with AP Bio. They are 2 separate projects. It is a creative decision that Rob, Charlie and I have to make once the writing process starts, which it hasn’t yet.


“Telling you whether or not Dennis is coming back would be giving away the plot of the next season. So… to clarify once and for all. I don’t know if Dennis is coming back. He left the bar. We take that plot choice seriously.

“I don’t know why the narrative continues to be centered around whether “I’m” coming back. I’m here. It’s whether or not “Dennis” is coming back. Dennis could be gone forever.

Please don’t think that AP Bio is taking me away from Sunny. It isn’t. That’s like saying that Jumanji is taking The Rock away from Fast and Furious. They are different projects. Thanks guys. I can’t wait for you all to see AP Bio. END THREAD”

It has been confirmed that Howerton will continue writing on the show along with Day and Rob McElhenney. It was also revealed earlier this month that Day has worn the same pair of shoes for every episode on the show so far.