‘Always Sunny’ writers are starting work on season 15 this month

Rob McElhenney confirmed the good news

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia boss Rob McElhenney has confirmed that writing begins on the sitcom’s fifteenth season this month.

In a recent interview with NME, McElhenney said writing on new episodes will start in May.

Asked by NME’s Alex Flood about a progress update on the hit sitcom, McElhenney said: “We are going to start writing in three weeks season 15.”


Watch the full interview here:

Elsewhere in the interview, McElhenney explained how he convinced Sir Anthony Hopkins to narrate a special episode of in the new season of his show Mythic Quest.

“I was talking to Craig Mazin, a writer on the show, and I said, ‘I think we need somebody with some heft,'” McElhenney said.

“Originally my character was narrating the piece and I heard it and I’m so sick of my own voice. It worked narratively but I just felt like we wanted to have somebody that right off the bat could make it feel magical.”

He continued: “There’s maybe four people on the planet who have a voice like that and they’re all knighted. So we realised we had to go to the UK to find a knight.


Rob McElhenney
Charlotte Nicdao, Rob McElhenney and Danny Pudi in ‘Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet’. Credit: Apple TV+

“Dame Judi Dench was thrown about, and then Craig said, ‘What about Anthony Hopkins?’ and I said, ‘Yes 100 per cent, but we need this recorded tomorrow’, and he said, ‘Oh I know his lawyer’ so we called his lawyer and within 10 minutes I was talking to Anthony Hopkins and he said yes.”

Season two of Mythic Quest will premiere on AppleTV+ on May 7. Watch the teaser here.