Amazon finalising details of TV series based on Bob Dylan’s music

Show will be fiction “inspired by characters and themes from Bob Dylan’s vast archive of songs”

Amazon and Lionsgate are working on a TV drama based on themes in the music of Bob Dylan.

Tentatively named ‘Time Out Of Mind’ – referring to Dylan’s 1997 album of the same name – the show is described as being “inspired by characters and themes from Bob Dylan’s vast archive of songs”.

Lead by Australian writer-director Josh Wakely, who has form in adapting ancient music for TV. Earlier this year, he tied up a deal between the Beatles’ estate and Netflix to create an animated children’s series called ‘Beat Bugs’, which will tell stories inspired by the Fab Four’s music. Eddie Vedder, Pink and Sia are all due to cover Beatles songs in the series, which will come to Netflix this summer.


Industry insider magazine Variety reports that details on the Dylan-inspired series are still thin on the ground. However, it says that “the plan for the series is that two characters or story threads from Dylan songs that wind up colliding in some way”. Episodes are slated to last an hour.

This isn’t the only music-based show commissioned by Amazon, which is also financing another drama, this time based on the ouevre of the 1960s psych-rockers the Grateful Dead. Bob Weir, one of the group’s founder members, is on board as a producer.

Wakely himself is little-known outside his native Australia where he’s mostly acted in or directed short films. ‘Time Out Of Mind’ will be produced by his Sydney-based company Grace. There are no details yet available about actors, or when the show might be released.