AMC threatens to sue Walking Dead fansite if it correctly guesses who was killed in cliffhanger

Showrunners filmed 11 different death scenes to keep the victim’s identity a secret

Season six of The Walking Dead ended in April with a cliffhanger based on who new villain Negan killed with a baseball bat.

The secret is so closely guarded that showrunners filmed 11 separate death scenes to keep the identity of the victim a secret.

Season seven is set to open with this death scene in October, but the secret remains so closely guarded that AMC, the US network behind the series, has reportedly threatened to sue a fan site if it correctly guesses Negan’s victim, after claiming that the site, The Spoiling Dead, has insider knowledge on the show (via The Daily Mail).

This fan site claims not to have insider knowledge, but even if their guess is right, they claim the network says they will sue. In a lengthy Facebook post, the site runners say that because of this they will not be posting a prediction on who Negan kills, writing, “AMC has been harassing us for four days now by contacting our homes, our family members and our employers; even posting on this page and personal social media accounts.

“We are fans of this show just like you and aren’t a commercial operation that makes profit. We have families and careers to think about. No spoiler will ever be worth compromising those things. If you think this makes us pussies that are bowing down to AMC then so be it.”

They also add, “It’s very disappointing to see the network that hosts our favorite show attack one of their biggest fan bases. Especially when they could have taken a more diplomatic approach that could have given them the same results.”