American Horror Story’s Sarah Paulson reveals her weirdest moment in the show

The future is always troubling for the actress

American Horror Story actress Sarah Paulson has revealed her weirdest moment from appearing in six seasons of the FX show.

Paulson has played a witch, a two-headed woman, a psychic, a journalist with mental health problems and a ghost addicted to heroin in the five previous seasons.

But the actress says that the show’s current season has given her her weirdest moments. Paulson told Entertainment Weekly: “There’s nothing extreme about her, except for the situation that she’s in. So that is – weirdly – the weirdest thing I’ve had to do in American Horror Story.”

American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy has vowed that the current season is “more rogue and darker” than the show’s recent seasons. Season six is titled Roanoke. It follows Matt and Shelby Miller talking to a fictional documentary show about their experiences when they relocate to the North Carolina town of Roanoke from Los Angeles after Shelby suffers a miscarriage. Paulson plays Shelby in flashback scenes.

Roanoke sees Lady Gaga reprise her appearance in American Horror Story after appearing in season five as 111-year-old vampire Elizabeth. It’s not yet clear who she will play in Roanoke. The first two episodes of season six have been shown, with the next being screened on Fox UK on Friday (September 30).

Aside from her work in American Horror Story, Paulson has also had regular roles in the TV shows American Gothic, The People Vs OJ Simpson and Studio 60 On Sunset Strip as well as appearing in films including The Notorious Betty Page, The Spirit and 12 Years A Slave.