A US remake of ‘The IT Crowd’ is in development for the third time

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

A US remake of The IT Crowd is in development – the third time that the cult Channel 4 sitcom has attempted to transform for a transatlantic audience.

A Stateside adaptation was first attempted in 2007 – with NBC previously producing a poorly received pilot that saw Richard Ayoade reprising his role as loveable nerd Moss, alongside Community star Joel McHale.

But after a second effort to resurrect the project proved unsuccessful in 2014, NBC are hoping that it’s third time lucky after enlisting the services of creator Graham Linehan for a new adaptation.

Linehan is set to write and executive produce a new version of the show – which follows the dysfunctional lives of the IT department in a huge corporate office.

Confirming the news on Twitter, he wrote: “Oh, yeah. Working on it. Don’t expect the same kind of show and EVERYONE WILL BE HAPPY.”

He also confirmed that the show will be “less absurd” and “more grounded” with influence taken from shows such as Seinfeld and Cheers.

Alongside Ayoade, the original series starred Chris O’Dowd as frustrated IT worker Roy and Katherine Parkinson as Jen, the inexperienced head of the department.

Before creating The IT Crowd, Linehan was responsible for co-creating Father Ted with Arthur Matthews, and darkly comic sitcom Black Books with Dylan Moran.

A German adaption titled The iTeam: The Boys at the Mouse also premiered in 2008, but a lukewarm reception ultimately meant that it was cancelled after two episodes.