Amy Poehler joins forces with BBC America for new comedy drama ‘Zero Motivation’

'League Of Gentlemen' writer Jeremy Dyson also signs up for a sci-fi remake

Amy Poehler has teamed up with BBC America to develop a series of new TV dramas.

Her company is producing Zero Motivation, a comedy set among women in the Israeli army alongside Girls writer Tami Sagher, reports Variety.

League Of Gentlemen writer Jeremy Dyson has also signed up to do a remake of the British series Quatermass, which tells the tale of a professor and his daughter who investigate an alien invasion. The original series aired in the UK in 1979 but never really took off.

Poehler recently appeared alongside Tina Fey in the film Sisters.


Fey served as one of the film’s producers alongside Meet The Parents director Jay Roach and Austin Powers producer John S. Lyons, while Poehler was credited as an executive producer.

The pair did a Star Wars spoof titled ‘The Farce Awakens’ and initially featured cast and crew talking about “keeping one foot in the pre-digital world” and “getting back to the old ways of doing things”, before making reference to the furry Star Wars character Chewbacca.

In the clip, former Saturday Night Live co-stars Fey and Poehler both adopt faux-British accents. “We’re really drunk”, says Poehler. Towards the end of the trailer is a nod to Star Wars’ star-smudging hyperspace jumps and a cameo by George Takei as Darth Vader,

Fey and Poehler previously starred together in the 2008 comedy film Baby Mama, while Poehler also appeared in Fey’s cult 2004 teen comedy Mean Girls. They also co-hosted the annual Golden Globe Awards together in 2013, 2014 and 2015.