Amy Schumer: ‘I will leave the country if Donald Trump is elected President’

Comedian recently threw a heckler out of her show for shouting 'show us your tits'

Amy Schumer has said she will leave the country if Donald Trump is elected US President.

The actress and comedian is currently in the UK as part of a tour.

“My act will change because I’ll need to learn to speak Spanish because I will move to Spain, or somewhere. It’s beyond my comprehension if Trump won. It’s too crazy,” she said.


She also said Democrat contender Hillary Clinton has been criticised unfairly.

“I haven’t had a conversation with anyone who doesn’t like Hillary where they’ve had anything meaningful to say. I think she’s caught so much flack for so long now, because she isn’t what they think of as a woman,” Schumer said.

“They were mad she wasn’t making cookies, but she was like ‘Oh no, I’m getting healthcare for every mother in the country.'”

“They don’t like how she speaks or dresses. It’s everything except how she would be as a president.”

The actress said she is also comfortable being described as a feminist and a comedian.


She told BBC Newsnight: “It just means equality for women. But I think that word has a whole different meaning for different people. So someone will say to me: ‘You’re not a feminist are you?’… Of course I am. Of course I want equal rights for women…. Feminism is just about women having social, political and economic equality.”

“I feel very comfortable speaking about myself as a comedian and a feminist because those are two things that I completely am. Those are two words that definitely define me.”

Last week, she threw a heckler out of a gig in Sweden after he shouted out sexist remarks directed at her.

Schumer has previously addressed the sexism she faces as a female performer. In January, the comedian called out a teenage fan who made a sexist joke about her on Twitter.  

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