An Alan Partridge statue has appeared in the middle of Norwich

Only in town until Sunday

A golden Alan Partridge statue has appeared in the middle of Norwich.

Two super fans, Nick Dutton and Gavin Fulcher, took responsibility for the “gift to Norwich”.

Fulcher, the sculptor, told the BBC: “It was just a bit of fun really. I think during this time we could all do with a bit of light relief.

“When you go to uni and meet new people, you say you’re from Norwich and people instantly mention Alan Partridge. He is so synonymous with the city, and the people have taken to him too.”

The life-sized cold cast brass statue has been in the works for the last three years from the duo, who are self-employed sculptors.
They explained how the statue was modelled on a friend, to work towards the “similar size and build” of Coogan’s 5ft 9in.
Fulcher and Dutton denied having any involvement with the new Alan Partridge Audible podcast, From the Oasthouse, which launched earlier this month.
The statue will remain outside The Forum in Norwich until Sunday (September 27).
In a five-star review of the first season of This Time with Alan Partridge, NME said: “Alan Partridge might have left the BBC under a cloud of shame, but his return is the complete opposite. It’s a slice of comedic gold and an early contender for the funniest show of the year.”