Andrew Lincoln on his ‘Walking Dead’ nemesis Negan: ‘He is the greatest villain of the series’

Zombie drama will return later this month

The Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln claims Negan, the show’s new antagonist, “is the greatest villain of the series”.

Season Six ended on a controversial cliff hanger, leaving many fans frustrated after a tense finale saw Rick Grimes’ nemesis, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, murder one of the group, only for viewers to be denied knowledge of who his victim was.

“We are seven years in and we are only unleashing now probably the greatest villain of the series,” Lincoln revealed. “It’s a very thrilling and exciting time. It does feel like we are smashing everything and starting over.”


Explaining why Negan is so bad, Lincoln added: “The Governor [Rick’s previous nemesis] was much more about secrets. You didn’t know what the Governor was doing. Negan is very clear. He is very open with the people he meets. There is a charm, but there is a terrifying logic as well.”

The seventh season of The Walking Dead will premiere on AMC in the US on October 23, and is expected to air on FX in the UK the day after (October 24).

On Dean Morgan’s portryal, Lincoln added: “He is amazing. He feels like a presence who has always been here. That’s how easy it has been for his assimilation. He’s also having a lot of fun, which is key to this kind of role. You need to be having a great relish. I love acting with him. He’s so in it, and he makes great choices.”

Lincoln also recently revealed that Season Seven is “heading towards a bigger ending point”.

“As the season finished, the story was about Rick being broken and realising that basically everything that he thought has been turned upside down in the space pretty of much of a day,” Lincoln added. “The world that he fought and strove for for so long has irrevocably changed.”


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