Ant & Dec claim Stephen Hawking emailed them after controversial ‘I’m A Celebrity…’ skit

Winner Scarlett Moffatt also claims to have emailed the scientist with her own time travel theories

TV presenters Ant & Dec have claimed that Stephen Hawking emailed them after they performed a controversial skit on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here.

The show’s eventual winner Scarlett Moffatt had told her fellow contestants that she had emailed the scientist to share her theories on time travel with him and get his opinion on them.

The show’s hosts then pretended to call Hawking and ask what he had thought, with an electronic voice responding.

As Digital Spy reports, viewers’ opinion was split by the skit, with some enjoying it and others thinking it had overstepped the mark.

Now Ant & Dec have claimed that the scientist himself hadn’t minded the joke and had emailed the pair to say as much. “We got an email from Stephen Hawking after that,” Dec said in an interview about their favourite moments from the show.

“He said he enjoyed her thoughts on the pyramids and enjoyed the sketch that we did in the studio. So that was a highlight.”

However, he apparently didn’t think quite as highly of Moffatt’s ideas. “He didn’t believe [her theory] but he loved it,” Ant said.